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Classic Style

Shaker cabinet doors are often referred to as a classic cabinet style. Their timeless appeal blends with traditional as well as modern decors. As popular today as they were back in mid-18th century, this cabinet style was introduced by the Shakers, hence the name.

The classic shaker door is a 5 piece solid wood door with either a painted finish or a stained finish. Typically the wood is solid maple, popular for its hardness, durability and versatility. For a natural wood look you will want the natural organic beauty of the wood to show through. The new trend is to choose walnut, cherry, mahogany or other wood types in this popular style.

Minimalist Style

Modern, sleek and minimalist, this style is strongly trending in kitchen design. Minimalist style is clean and airy. Hardware is often invisible or near invisible. This puts the focus directly on the material, which gives the kitchen a more custom cabinetry look. White is a strong choice, often paired with the warmth and organic appeal of natural wood.

Minimalist design is perfect for small spaces, as it uses space efficiently while achieving an uncluttered appearance.

Contemporary Cabinet Styles

The contemporary kitchen features the minimalist slab door in a variety of finishes. Current trends lean towards neutral color palettes and sleek designs. High gloss piano finishes are still popular. The current trend is toward matte finishes in custom paint colors, giving the kitchen a softer, warmer appeal.

Exotic wood veneers are popular, either on their own or paired with white. Having the wood grain continuous across the doors creates a very custom high end look. Wood veneer is often used in living rooms and media rooms to create a feature wall.

Old World or European Cabinet Styles

The old world charm of a European kitchen still has its place in a specific style of home, notably one with a more grand, palatial decor. While not for everyone, this cabinet style is very beautiful. Hand made, custom designed features really showcase its charm.

Traditional kitchen with Old world style and modern design
Traditional modern blend with old world charm

Homeowners who admire intricate details, hand carving, and lavish design really appreciate the elegance of an old world style. This design is sometimes also referred to as Mediterranean for its huge popularity historically rising from that region of the world.

Old world vintage cabinet styles
Elegant walk in closet with old world appeal